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Cataclysm Armageddon by Brian Caswell


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“Once in a while a magic trick comes out that I ACTUALLY added to my professional act! – This is one of those tricks” – Brent Geris

This new Armageddon Edition comes complete with all the information contained on the original DVD + some killer bonuses!

From the creative mind behind the best-selling card effect Trilogy comes what has been called Brian Caswell’s greatest creation ever…Cataclysm!

Imagine showing a deck of Bicycle brand playing cards each card has a number written on the back.
Your spectator names 3 playing cards and these are removed from the face up deck and placed on the table.
A photograph is shown to contain 3 face down playing cards each bearing a different number on their back. Unbelievable as it sounds when the cards are turned over the numbers match!

Yes it really is that clean! -YOU’LL NEED YOUR OWN RED BICYCLE DECK

Easy To Do

No Sleight Of Hand
No Funny Moves
No sticky Stuff
No R&S
No Duplicate Cards
No Thin Cards
Instant Reset!

You will absolutely love Cataclysm! It really is the cleanest effect of its kind.