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This project was a massive undertaking and no stone has been left unturned when it comes to Denny’s life legacy and the magic he performed over his career. All of his routines are described and taught in painstaking detail and the biography portion spans twenty-eight chapters going in depth into the trials and tribulations he encountered throughout his life. From the early days at Phil Thomas’ Yogi Magic Mart in Baltimore to the trenches of the Vietnam War every detail is revealed. His early beginnings in the 1970’s with Lee are explored in detail as well as their painful breakup and the launch of the new Denny & Lee show with Minh Dang.


His exploits on the road touring colleges are hilarious and sometimes downright scary and his ascent to the top of the corporate entertainment market in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s is thrilling. From the humble beginnings of the first Denny and Lee Magic Studio on Marlyn Ave. to the opening of the massive Rosedale shop are examined along with the wild and glamorous Las Vegas Studio that opened with a bang and closed with a thud.


All of Denny’s signature illusions are described in full detail and his stand up material is taught with hundreds of photos and full descriptions of the moves subtleties and techniques Denny employed in his magic. He wanted you to be able to do them and they are all here.


Denny’s thoughts are word for word on the page captured in over forty hours of interviews by Scott Alexander as if Denny is speaking directly to you. Some of this footage is shared on Volume Four of the companion Denny DVD Series.


Each Book will come with:
-Denny and Lee Poster (unsigned)
-Special Card Insert with link and password to a downloadable Denny & Lee Video
Highlight Reel
– Signed and Numbered by the author

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