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DMC Elite Marked Green by DMC


The system hides the value and suit of the playing card in plain sight with no decoding necessary no mental working out to do to process some binary signal – it literally just says the value and the suit clearly and visibly with an incredible range on it. We have had people contact us saying that their poor vision has made this not just the best marked deck for them but the ONLY marked deck they can use. And yet unlike other large marked decks on the market you can safely hand the deck to a layman to examine even with instructions to check for marks they won’t find them. Even telling magicians that the deck is marked and handing them over to examine I have almost never had them identify and be able to use the marks.

The DMC Elites are the only deck on the market now with this unique system and it makes them very easy to sell. The moment of revelation when the potential customer learns how to use the marks is extremely powerful and gives the decks an incredible conversion rate. They can IMMEDIATELY see the potential applications of the system and that makes it a super strong seller.

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