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Evaporate- The Ultra Visual Vanishing Deck




Evaporate, created by the ingenious mind of Henry Ferris—an unparalleled visual vanish that transforms an entire deck into just one card! Henry’s inventive approach to the vanishing deck gimmick has redefined the very essence of this popular plot, earning acclaim within the community.

Each meticulously handcrafted gimmick, expertly crafted by our skilled card engineer, guarantees seamless performance. The dedication to quality ensures flawless functionality, allowing magicians to execute this mesmerising effect effortlessly.

Evaporates comprehensive tutorial features multiple routines and diverse handlings, offering magicians a spectrum of possibilities to explore and create their magical narratives.

With detailed instructions, this tutorial ensures a thorough understanding of the effect’s intricacies, empowering magicians to easily master the artistry behind Evaporate.

Henry Ferris’ visionary approach and the precision of our craftsmanship will help to elevate your card magic with a stunning and unforgettable vanishing act.