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Evoke by Craig Petty




EVOKE is a master key that can unlock deep, emotional connections with your audience instantly with ease.

Mentalism with playing cards at the best of times can be hard for your audience to connect with.

BUT… if you change the card values for strong and emotive words and phrases then you instantly plug in a direct line to their heart strings, and they instantly become your secret weapon.

For example: Using EVOKE you can turn a basic card peek/reveal and supercharge it into something deep and powerful. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“I genuinely believe that you have solved the problem of Playing cards in mentalism because if you use the EVOKE deck you can basically do any card trick, any sleight of hand and it will have a mentalism edge to it that will totally transform the trick into anything now. This is an amazing achievement!”
– Marc Paul

Designed by Phill Smith… he’s built in a devious peek system that’s woven innocently into the back design of each card. A secret system that only you can read. Once you know the secret, you’ll never miss it, but those who don’t, they’ll never find it.

Every single playing card will covertly deliver you the following information in one swift glance.


  • Emotion Word
  • Black & White or Color
  • Which image
  • MOAB Word
  • Next Emotion Card in Stack
  • Quote Author


But it’s not just basic information printed onto the cards… Craig’s entwined new and old, criminally clever, magic principles throughout the entire deck that will make your audience genuinely believe that you can read their thoughts.