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Grandpa Magic by Workman Publishing



116 Easy Tricks Amazing Brainteasers and Simple Stunts to Wow the Grandkids 

From a professional magician and New York Times bestselling author 116 tricks stunts and brainteasers that will engage the grandchildren and provide giggles jaw-dropping awe and wonderful memories.

Guaranteed to make grandparenting even more fun Grandpa Magic is sure to entertain-and crack up- the grandkids. From the old pull-a-quarter-from-behind-a-kid’s-ear trick and “removing your thumb” to card tricks stunts for the dinner table and verbal puzzles that surprise and delight there’s something for everyone. Step-by-step illustrations make them easy to learn. 

Grandpa Magic is the perfect way to awaken that childlike sense of wonder in all of us… including grandparents. It’s just the right cocktail of magic mischief and puzzles to confound children and delight the reader.”
– Joshua Jay

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