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Hit (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Luke Jermay


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With “Hit” you’re able to perform an unforgettable painstakingly clear demonstration of persuasion–and mind control. From a shuffled pack you remove just four cards and offer to play a few rounds of Blackjack with a participant. Despite letting her choose her cards every time you the performer always prevail. Even when cards are exchanged and shown to the spectator you are always left with the winning hand.

In the first phase two hands of Blackjack are created by kept face down. The spectator chooses which hands they wants… and you win. In the second phase a card of each Blackjack hand is shown and still…you are left with the winning hand. In the third phase all the cards are shown except one… and still you win. In the last phase ALL the cards are shown and still you mysteriously win.

What makes “Hit” a spectacular addition to your mentalism or magic repertoire is that this is not a card trick about cards. It’s about CHOICES and makes an ideal forum to interact in a meaningful way with your spectator. This trick is entirely self-working and can be learned in minutes. It comes with all of the required gimmicked cards and more than an hour of video instruction teaching every facet of the routine.

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