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Key Motion by Seth Race




Bring the Haunted Key into the 21st century. A house key rises as though lifted by a spirit or psychic energy. With no strings or magnets, this special key lets you perform an incredibly visual piece of magic with an object everyone recognizes. This is Key Motion by Seth Race.

Here’s what happens:

You take a key off your keychain and place it in your spectator’s hand to absorb some of their energy. You take the key back and place it in the palm of your hand. Slowly, the key begins to lift off of your hand until it’s standing straight up! Then, with a release of tension the key falls back down as the energy evaporates away.

The Haunted Key is an effect that has been beloved by magicians for hundreds of years, but it has fallen out of favor in recent years because you had to use an old skeleton key. Now, Seth Race has taken a clever PK method and built it into an ordinary house key so you can perform incredible visual magic. The method is completely self-contained and as easy to perform as opening your hand. The tutorial is taught in depth by Dan Harlan, who contributes his own insight into this astonishing effect. Activate the spirits within when you perform Key Motion by Seth Race.