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Lollapalooza Card Trick


The Random House Unabridged Dictionary 2006 defines Lollapalooza as: 
a noun Slang. 
Pronounced: lol-uh-puh-loo-zuh
An extraordinary or unusual thing person or event; an exceptional example or instance. 

Lollapalooza Includes 3 routines with contributions from DARWIN ORTIZ R. PAUL WILSON AND JON ARMSTRONG Here are the different routines you get: 

Mr. Lollapalooza

The magician spreads the cards out and asks spectator to pick out 5 cards for himself and 5 cards for the magician as if in a poker game. The highest hand is the winner. Somehow without ANY forcing the spectator has given the magician the highest hand in poker the Lollapalooza Hand! 

Poker of Palooza

You give the spectator a free choice of cards out of a packet of 10 to create a winning poker hand. No matter which cards he/she chooses and although they get a strong full house the magician always wins! 

Spectator Cuts to the Lollas

3 Different VERY VERY fair ways to have the spectator cut to the five cards needed for the highest hand in poker the Lollapalooza!! 


Contributions from jon Armstrong Darwin Ortiz R Paul Wilson Derek DelGaudio and more!!


  • Full Patter for all routines
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  • Brand New Specially Printed cards from the USPCC – a perfect giveaway!
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  • A custom sticker for your card box
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  • And loads of fun reading!!
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