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Morgan Dollar Shell and Coin Set (4 Coins 1 Shell)


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This is a FANTASTIC set of coins and shell is a PERFECT fit and PERFECT Match – Brent Geris

This price is TOO GOOD!! – Mike Pisciotta!

The set includes 4 Morgan Dollars and 1 Morgan Expanded Shell.

This is a beautiful brass reproduction set custom stamped and engineered to look and function like the original silver set. So well made that I doubt that a coin expert could tell the difference unless closely examined.

The set is individually measured so that all the coins are a perfect fit and they have the same color and lustre that will allow you to perform flawless coin magic.

ROUTINES taught:
– Transposition of 4 coins
– Matrix
– 3 Fly

Comes with the coin set and video instruction of the demo.

Additional information

Weight 0.000 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 in