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My Word by Dan Harlan




Perform incredible mind reading and memory stunts with a crossword puzzle book. Instantly know the word they have thought of, the answer to the puzzle they picked, and even do it with your back turned the entire time. Reach into someone’s mind and make them gasp when you perform My Word by Dan Harlan.

Here’s what happens:

Your audience opens up a book of crossword puzzles to any page. They merely think of the answer to any word written on the page, and you can divine the word they are thinking of. It doesn’t stop there. They can then open to a different page and look at any puzzle, and you are able to tell them the answer to the clue they are thinking of. Any clue on any page. No memory work required!

My Word comes with a very specially designed crossword puzzle book that was created by Dan Harlan. Every single page was developed to layer in secrets to allow you to perform incredible miracles. There are no electronics, stooges, peeks, or difficult memory work. The method hides in plain sight, and your audience will have no idea that they are holding the secret in their hands while you perform. My Word is easy to do and comes with detailed instructions from Nick Locapo. Read the mind of your audience as easily as reading the page of a book when you perform My Word by Dan Harlan.

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