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Nemesis Deck by Nick Locapo




Nick Locapo finally shares one of his secret weapons with the magic community. He’s been keeping this close to the vest and fooling some of the best magicians on the planet with this miracle. Imagine getting access to the effect Nick Locapo reserves to wreck the minds of the magicians who come to film at Penguin. This isn’t any ordinary card trick. This is Nemesis by Nick Locapo.

Here’s what happens:

The cards are examined, shuffled, and then cut into two piles. Each person freely selects a card from their pile, and the names of those cards are written down on separate pieces of paper so there can be no doubt as to their identity. The cards are then lost into the piles and then fairly shuffled. Under these impossible conditions, you cut directly to their card. Then, the spectator cuts anywhere they want. The card they find is the same card you wrote down at the beginning of the trick.

Nemesis uses a streamlined handling and method that eliminates the need for marks, crimps, specially printed or treated cards. Even more incredible is that you can also use the Nemesis Deck to perform some of your favorite card tricks. That means you can start and end a multiple-trick set with the Nemesis Deck. It’s practical, easy to do, and ready to go right out of the box. One of the hardest-working magicians in the industry is finally revealing one of his most closely guarded effects, and he’s not just sharing one thing. He’s giving you all of the work. You get multiple handlings and even a bonus card at number that will leave your audiences stunned. Nick’s masterpiece is now your greatest ally. This is Nemesis Deck by Nick Locapo.