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Nothing But Mystery by Jim Steinmeyer


A booklet of “Minimal Miracles and Disproportionate Marvels for the Stand-Up Conjurer” contains 11 unique effects. Some involve quite literally “nothing.” The Three Ball Test is an amazing thought an experiment a script that performs the entire trick. Other surprising and unexpected effects include The Nickel Under Your Shoe or An Audience on Mars. Lessons in Wonder is a demonstration of magic for one person in the audience in which she experiences something that didn’t happen and everyone is bewildered. Other routines utilize minimal props like a piece of rope deck of cards or a paper bag. The Six Chair Concert is a variation on a classic Berglas Plot; The Anomaly is a demonstration of the fourth dimension and The Adept is a paranormal illusion with your assistant. Two routines are from the Impuzzibilities series here presented for stand-up performances. Each of these routines will delight you and inspire; they are designed to surprise with simplicity and unexpected secrets to amaze with the purest form of mystery. The book is 8 1/2 by 11 printed in color 20 pages plus cover with 26 line illustrations.

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