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Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven





The performer informs the audience that they will perform an effect with only one hand so as to make sure that everyone knows that sleight of hand is impossible. The other hand is placed in their pocket. The spectator peeks at a card in the deck. The magician then is able to divine the card that the spectator is only thinking of. The deck is then given to the spectator who is invited to search the deck for their card only to discover that it has completely vanished. The magician said they would do the trick with only one hand but they did not specify which hand. The magician removes their other hand from the pocket holding the vanished card.

Taught in detail by Max Maven including a complete history of the effect Pocket Nightmare is ready to go right out of the box. This effect is devastating to an audience especially because the gimmicks do all the work for you while hiding in plain sight. This is powerful magic from a legendary creator. Pocket Nightmare is nothing less than a thing of terrifying beauty.


“Pocket Nightmare is a dream effect with a typically beautiful Max Maven construction and a perfect presentation for a killer effect.”

R. Paul Wilson

Not only do you get Max’s brilliant performance but the gimmick is professionally produced and is such that no one could ever suspect the working. Max’s explanation is exhaustive with the history of the effect the detailed handling and what to do in every situation. There is nothing left to chance. Best of all you can do this wonderful routine without any finger gymnastics or difficult sleights. If you can spread a deck Pocket Nightmare is within your realm of skill.

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