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Prism Deck Plus by Joshua Jay





Joshua Jay’s beloved “Prism Deck” receives a major upgrade. With “Prism Plus“, you can now get the bestselling color-changing deck routine plus a custom, hand-made gimmicked card that allows for an incredible, hyper-visual, eye-popping, one-handed color change that looks like CGI

Prism Plus” offers the perfect balance between amazing and practical. It’s visual, easy, and hugely surprising. It resets very quickly and is performed entirely in the hands. There are no wasted moves or phases, and the stunning ending is now more visual than ever.

This isn’t just a color change though. It’s a full act with one special deck of cards. Everything you need fits in your pocket.

There are twenty tricks built into “Prism Deck”. There’s a Triumph effect, there’s an Ace location, and even some mindreading routines thanks to the clever marking system. Josh teaches you the ways some of them can be routined together so that you end all this hard-hitting card magic with a shocking full-deck color change they’ll never see coming. The backs of every card change and four cards even change while your participant holds them!

Everything you need is contained within the “Prism Deck”. There are no deck switches required!

What’s new with “Prism Plus”?

Well, the “Prism Deck” has been given a facelift with some brand-new designs added in. New premium crushed stock makes the cards feel great in your hands as well.

The most astonishing addition though is the exclusive hand-made, gimmicked card developed in collaboration with Nicholas Lawrence. This “Prism Plus” gimmick allows you to end your routine with a stunning, hyper-visual one-handed color change that is shockingly easy to do. It is a special gimmick that works, and acts, like a flap card, but without any of the normal restrictions of a flap card. So it will last forever and doesn’t require any weird prep or handling.

Prism Plus” resets really quickly and it is entirely angle-proof. It is a remarkable routine with a perfect finale that fits in your pocket.