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Real Viewer by Mandy Hartley




You hand your audience an old-style Real Viewer like they would have had from their childhood, along with the film reel that they can insert into the viewer and see a wide variety of 3D images on. Your audience member is allowed to shuffle the reel inside the viewer until they settle on a single image. You then reveal letter by letter the exact image they are thinking of. The best part is that everything is examinable.

Real Viewer comes with everything you need to perform this fantastic mentalim effect right out of the box. The reel isn’t marked, there are no switches or forces, and the audience has a free choice of any of the images on the film reel. The props are instantly recognizable from your childhood and invite you to want to see the effect immediately. Real Viewer drops right into your existing show or is the perfect prop for your coffee table that you can perform at your next gathering of friends. The method is so satisfying you’ll want to use it in your other mind-reading effects. Pluck a thought out of your spectator’s head as though you had a secret window into their mind with Real Viewer by Mandy Hartley

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