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Sven KOD Pads


videoicon linkBehold the innocent little memo pad you’ve known since childhood but reborn as an incredible SvenPad®. Built from scratch from the ground up with an all new insane SPIRAL binding which (oh so innocently) hides the forcing secrets within. 


Open the pad 180 degrees and the glued seam seems to be held by the spiral binding.


NO hype. NO exaggerations. NO expense has been spared in creating this ultimate SvenPad®. This is the best and easiest handling SvenPad® of the entire lineup – you will FEEL the difference immediately. 


SvenPad® KøD took months of painstaking development to create the world’s first “Spira-Glu” binding combining our custom printed LINED PAPER (heavier) with a double glazed center spine – hole punched – collated to precision – then cosmetically spiral bound for a perfect “illusion” of an ordinary memo pad. 


You won’t believe it when you hold it as you cannot see the center glue holding everything perfectly! 

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Weight 0.000 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 in