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Talk About Tricks (2 Vol Set) by Joshua Jay




For the first time ever every single one of Joshua Jay’s iconic “Talk About Tricks” columns from MAGIC Magazine has been compiled into one stunning two-book set. 868 tricks across 12 years of work have been combined into what is one of the most comprehensive collections of close-up magic ever offered.

During its more than a decade-long run “Talk About Tricks” was the place magicians wanted their magic published. Some of the best magicians in the world like David Williamson Lance Burton Jeff McBride Darwin Ortiz Jay Sankey Paul Harris and many others tipped their newest and best material in this column. This also included magic icons that have since passed on like Martin Gardner Brother John Hamman and Larry Jennings and the first magic in print for some of your favorite magicians like Daniel Garcia Calen Morelli Harapan Ong Paul Vigil and Asi Wind.

Now with the full support of MAGIC Magazine Vanishing Inc. and Joshua Jay present the complete collection in a breathtaking two-volume set of hardcover books. These gorgeous books feature crystal-clear photos printed on premium low-gloss paper and come wrapped in a translucent dust jacket that changes color when removed. Both volumes are secured in a bespoke clothbound slipcase.

No matter your style or skill level there is something for everyone in Talk About Tricks: The Complete File. This is not just card tricks or coin magic either. From pens to pets and everything in-between there are tricks with basically any object you can find in your house.

These books also feature the same groundbreaking format introduced by “Talk About Tricks”. You’ll never waste time reading a trick only to find out that it’s outside your current skill level. Each trick has a visual guide that allows you to know the difficulty of a trick at a glance.

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