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The Magic Tube (M&Ms) by Twister



THIS IS AWESOME! and really clever – Brent Geris


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A great trick from the minds of Gabbo Torres and George Iglesias is now here for you with 5 tricks in one! You can use it for children’s magic close-up and mentalism!

The magician shows an M&M’s tube and shakes it to prove it is empty. He opens the tube and removes from the inside a special white silk with the M&M’s logo and some M&M’s printed on it. He shows the tube is empty he closes it and gives it to a spectator to hold. The silk is now tucked into the magician’s fist and then is vanished in midair! The spectator is asked to open the tube and to his amazement the handkerchief is found back in the tube again!

But wait — there’s more!

The handkerchief is tucked back into the tube. The cap is closed leaving a corner of the silk sticking out in full view. The magician gives the tube to another spectator and asks him to shake it. With great surprise he can hear real M&M’s shaking inside! The cap is opened again and the silk is removed. Now the white handkerchief has ONLY the M&M’s logo printed on it and no M&M’s! Real M&M’s are poured from the tube into the spectator’s hand! Everything is fully examinable!

Includes 4 strong bonus effects and some fun mentalism feats!

An amazing new effect! Easy to do! Fits in your pocket! Great reactions! Perfect for kids parlor and close-up magic.

Bonus Effects:

1. Magically change all the M&M’s into the same color while inside the tube!
2. Magically reveal exactly how many M&M’s the spectator is secretly holding in their hand as well as the colors!
3. Magically change all the M&M’s into the same color inside the spectator’s hand!
4. Fill the tube with magic causing the M&M’s to rise from bottom to top and to fill the tube completely.




  • 1 M&M’s plastic tube
  • r

  • 2 special white printed silks
  • r

  • 1 gimmick
  • r

  • 1 online instructional video
  • r

  • 4 bonus effects
  • r

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