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The Prophecy by Roberto Giobbi


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When Roberto Giobbi wants to predict someone’s card he doesn’t mess around with convoluted dealing processes or clumsy presentations. He goes directly for the heart of the effect with an incredibly direct and frankly impossible trick. This is the one that will make your audience believe you can see the future. This is The Prophecy by Roberto Giobbi.

Here’s what happens:

The magician shows their audience a wallet. It’s opened emptied and examined. It contains a single envelope and nothing else. The envelope is placed back inside the wallet and then the wallet is handed to the spectator for safekeeping. Then the audience freely selects a card from an imaginary deck. The spectator opens the wallet and the magician opens the envelope. Inside is the exact prediction of what the audience chose.

The Prophecy is a master class in magic performance. In addition to an incredible instructional video from Roberto Giobbi you receive the Prophecy wallet. This genuine leather wallet is beautifully constructed and allows you to perform incredibly strong magic. Perfect for close-up parlor and stage this effect will deliver some of the strongest reactions you’ve ever gotten. This is The Prophecy by Roberto Giobbi.

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