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TNT by Roddie McGee


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A torn and restored card as only Roddy McGhie can do it. Create an impossible souvenir from a single playing card. Tear the center out of a playing card and then restore it in the wrong direction. This is TNT by Roddy McGhie.

TNT is a torn and restored card project that features multiple handlings taught by Roddy McGhie. The TNT gimmick goes into your normal deck and allows you to perform incredibly visual restorations of the center of a torn card. With just a little bit of setup you will be able to legitimately tear the center out of a selected playing card turn it around and then visually restore it.

The gimmicks make the visuals on TNT look incredible. You can heal the card with just a touch or show the front and the back of the impossibly restored cards in completely motivated actions. TNT comes with 26 specially printed cards that look like the center is restored backward as well as the extra special gimmicks that you can add to your existing deck. Tear. Reverse. Restore. Give it all away. Blow your audience’s mind with TNT by Roddy McGhie.

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