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TTTCBE by Roberto Giobbi


The performer shows an envelope he says contains a prediction. This envelope is left on the table the ENTIRE time. The spectator shuffles and cuts his own deck and with obvious freedom selects a card.


Upon looking in the envelope you show a picture of a ’52 on 1′ card and point to their card. Then you turn the single ’52 on 1′ card over and it is exactly the same – a perfect prediction!


-Includes all the gimmicks card envelope Complete full color instructions.
-Any Deck can be used
-No Sleight of Hand
-No Palming
-Instant Reset
-Perfect trick to hand out your business card.


From Roberto Giobbi:


“This is my handling of Dai Vernon’s famous piece “The Trick That Cannot be Explained” published in Lewis Ganson’s Dai Vernon’s More Inner Secrets of Card Magic. It is by no means meant as an improvement on an already sensational piece – you can’t improve on a genius – but simply as an additional idea that you might occasionally want to use and maybe even fool those in the know let alone those who are not.

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