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Very Hush-Hush by John Bannon





“Bannon at his best!” -Paul Harris

John Bannon’s is back with this, his latest collection, Very Hush-Hush, forty card tricks with a “mental” slant that require little to no sleight-of-hand.

In five large chapters, John explores impossible location effects (including some that can be performed over Zoom), prediction tricks with and without multiple revelation procedures, and performance pieces with a mental magic/mindreading theme, among other cunning card effects in the miracle class.

And you’ve never seen a magic square quite like this. The first chapter of Very Hush-Hush, “Parts of the Sum,” deals directly with Bannon’s brilliant pasteboard-driven takes (yes, more than one) on this classic mental mind-bender, and allied effects. One method allows you to predict a magic square, while another uses no numbers at all. You read that right.

Along the way, you’ll learn a host of helpful sleights and subtleties, including false cuts and shuffles, switches, and other moves. And while there is no real finger-flinging required, yes, you still have to practice.

Everything is conveyed in Bannon’s familiar third person tongue-in-cheek tone (patter and one-liners included), with a casual storytelling-like feel that makes reading the book seem more like a conversation than a bout with an instructional textbook.

This book has style.

Tell your friends it’s TLDR; then keep it all on the QT. This is one tome you won’t want anyone else getting their hands on.

A 260+ page 7 x 10″ quality hardcover, bound in cloth with pictorial dust jacket. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs.

John Bannon has been screwing around with playing cards for over forty years. He is a worldwide best-selling author of books on close-up magic, including ImpossibiliaSmoke and MirrorsDear Mister FantasyHigh CaliberDestination Zero, and Mentalissimo.

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