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3G (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Kyle Littleton plus 400 Lux!


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This includes his best selling money changing trick 400 Lux for FREE!!!!

3G is a pocket-size miracle that you can do anytime anywhere.

Take out a pack of gum give it shake and it morphs into a different brand. Shake again and it changes once more! Then you can hand it out for examination. The gum can even be eaten. The changes happen with no cover and it looks fantastic.

As well as Kyle’s hilarious routine with 3G you also get to learn 400 LUX for free (normally $25)! This is a version of Hundy 500 that requires NO GIMMICKS. $1 bills morph into $100s and then get handed out for examination.

In your package you receive the very special 3G gimmick plus video instructions. You also receive a digital template so that you can make your own gimmicks if you wish.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 400 LUX for free when you purchase 3G. This $1 to $100s routine is a version of Extreme Burn/Hundy 500 that requires no gimmicks. That’s right – it’s done with regular bills that can be handed out at the end. This is a $25 retail!

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