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Canon by David Regal


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Easily predict or produce ANY named card in an envelope or box with “Canon” by David Regal and Vanishing Inc.

Canon” is a powerful and versatile effect that you’ll love performing. The super clever method will put a huge smile across your face, especially when you realize it’s easier to do than you thought.

At its core, “Canon” is a specially-made deck of cards that enables you to produce any named card in an envelope, card box, or essentially anywhere you want. All without any forces, equivoque, or suspicious procedures.

David teaches you two amazing routines, including a super easy, no-palming routine where a named card is predicted in an envelope on the table. For those that don’t mind palming, there’s also a great effect in which a named card seemingly jumps from one deck into the box of another. These are just some of the many amazing ways you can use “Canon

Canon” comes ready to go and can be used with a red deck, blue deck, or essentially any deck of cards you want. You won’t be able to stop your mind from racing with all the potential ways to use this versatile tool.