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The DarkSIDE Deck by Lucas


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This is an amazing deck of cards with endless possibilities! Filmed entirely in HIGH DEFINITION there are numerous completely different effects contained in this DVD! We have left nothing out! You get the deck (A Bicycle Backed deck from the USPCC) you get a marker and COMPLETE visual instructions and example street performances!

This deck is unlike any other deck on the market! Here are just a FEW of the many effects that can be done with this incredible deck: Imagine having a spectator think of ANY CARD in the deck (No forcing genuine 52 cards) and when the deck is spread out their card is the ONLY ONE with Blood Stains on it! You show the fronts and backs of all the other cards and there are no markings!

The DarkSIDE Deck accomplishes this and MUCH MORE. For example the deck represents an empty bullet magazine from a gun and there is ONLY ONE card in the entire deck that represents a bullet. The cards are dealt one at a time and WHATEVER card the spectator names is turned over to show the word “BANG”. Every single other card in the deck says “CLICK” on the back!!

Another fantastic idea is a card is named and it is turned over to show the words “THIS IS IT” on the back! This is the ONLY card with this written on the back and in fact the rest of the deck when spread face down has arrows POINTING TO THE NAMED CARD!!

These are only three of the MANY different ideas contained in this DVD! You have infinite choices of what you want your DarkSIDE Deck to become! Three cards can be named that accurately match past lottery numbers! Perfectly predict the phone number of a beautiful girl! Find out if your spectator has the mind of a psycho! Unlimited Possibilities.

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