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Cheeky by Craig Petty



We all know that Craig Petty is the man when it comes to taking what we usually believe to be one effect deck and creating a myriad of masterful routines with it and with the Cheeky project he has done just that. Not only has Craig redesigned the Cheek to Cheek deck (in fact there is no other Cheek to Cheek deck that comes close to this on the market) but he has also created no less than eight powerful routines that can may be performed as standalone effect or combined to create a hard hitting set.

Routines taught on the in depth tutorial video

Think Gamble Tardis Photo Ace Back & Closer

These effects are all powerful commercial fun and have all been part of Craig close up set. Cheeky is the deck Craig also uses to open his lecture to magicians why? because it always fries them!

The routines have been cleverly structured so even an absolute beginner can do them!

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