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Over the space of 248 pages hardbound author David Roper looks at comedy magic from every possible angle backed by 20 years of research and experience putting down his conclusions in theory as well as practical application. You’ll learn not only how to mix comedy with magic but you’ll find dozens of tried tested and polished routines in the book well-illustrated with 80 Jim Kleefeld drawings and 30 photos. 

The Comedy Magic Textbook is for magicians clowns comedians ventriloquists public speakers story-tellers . . . stage or close-up entertainers . . . in fact anyone who wants to entertain people with funnyFAMILY-ORIENTED magic. This is a book that will INFORM as well asENTERTAIN you . . . it’s a volume that will make you THINK CREATIVELY . . . and it’s a REFERENCE book you will consult again and again as youCREATE new routines for your own funny performances year after year! 

The Comedy Magic Textbook contains 12 chapters:

(1) Why Do Comedy Magic? Eight good reasons that make sense.
(2) What IS Comedy Magic Four basic types lots of examples. 
(3) How to Do Comedy Magic Effectively: two ways possible plus lots of gags an routines for examples. 
(4) General Suggestions: Nine excellent methods including character development writing routines avoiding cheap laughs and mixing magic with comedy. 
(5) A Controversial Question: using other’s routines an using routines from books and magazines. Honest yet deep.

The second half of tile book is devoted to routines.

(6) The Polish-Irish-Aggie Award Winning Trick. 
(7) Comedy Opening Routine: a funny chain escape & suitcase jag. 
(8) Tumbleweed tidbits: good rice bowls. 
(9) Comedy Car Mat a close-up worker’s dream. 
(10) Hippity-Hop Rabbits in a routine you can play for kids or ADULTS. 
(11) Patriotic Professor Cheer: happy ending.
(12) Less-Than-Perfect Magician: powerful pullet production stage comedy MIKO and the craziest head chopper you’ve ever seen!

The Comedy Magic Textbook is the only book ever produced tackling the subject of FAMILY-ORIENTED COMEDY MAGIC.


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