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Crazy Dazzle by Adrian Vega and friends




From the creator of the famous marked deck “Resilience MOD”, Alberto Ruano has designed and re-imagined a classic plot from the Master Alex Emsley called “Dazzle“.

The effect was one of his favorite but very difficult to bring to these days, so he decided to start from the scratch to design all new backs giving to this old trick a new look and hopefully help new magicians to discover this masterpiece from Emsley.

You will receive a full set printed on linen quality (very similar than Bicycle cards) and extra cards to decide what jokers used in your performance. Also, you will learn a totally new handling from award-winning magician from Spain, Adrian Vega who has re-invented the handling to make it easier and more practical for beginners and professional magicians.

Don’t doubt and take this set to finally have in your repertoire one of the best packet tricks published on the history of magic.