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Dill- Nielsen Dean’s Box




SUPPLIES ARE VERY LIMITED!  These are all made by hand by Lupe Nielsen!

“It hurts to be fooled that bad.” – Tony Clark 

Dean’s Box Magic Trick & Effect

Dean’s Box is a wonderful grand illusion in a portable design, perfect for close-up or parlor magic. This apparatus will allow you to perform a puzzling feat of magic that will leave your audience spellbound. 

For the last decade, Dean’s Box has become a classic portable illusion performed by many magicians worldwide, and one of the most pirated items in magic. Do not accept a rip off – be a proud owner of an all-new, original Dean’s Box.

In 2020, Nielsen Magic officially purchased the rights to the manufacturing and sale of this fine piece of apparatus.

The new version is officially called the “Dill-Nielsen Dean’s Box” and this is the only authorized version available on the market.
This new and improved version has the following details and improvements in the construction:

  • – The box is completely handcrafted by magic artisan, Lupe Nielsen.
  • – The box is made out of walnut, with close attention being paid to the direction of the grain of the wood, and the bottom of the box – which floats instead of being glued in place.
  • – A lot of care is involved in finishing the box. By handcrafting it, attention is being paid to the color match of the wood.
  • – The curtains are screwed in place.
  • – One of the “secret moves” can be performed left or right handed.
  • – The box has a knob in the front, which allows for an easier handling.
  • – The main hinges are mortised in the box.