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Easily Influenced by DARYL


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Easily Influenced by FISM winner Daryl is an extremely visual effect that is incredibly easy to perform!

Two cards are randomly selected from an ordinary shuffled deck by the spectator.

Next three “Easily Influenced” cards are taken out from an envelope that has been on the table the entire time. When these three easily influenced cards come near the randomly selected cards they duplicate the value of the first selection before instantly changing to match the value of the second selection.

A moment later the card ALL turn RED then instantly they ALL change to black. Finally each card becomes totally mixed up in an amazing climax. EVERYTHING CAN BE EXAMINED!

Easy to Perform!
Easy to Learn!
Instant Reset!
Comes Complete with all Gimmicked Cards!
Online Instructions!
USPCC Rider Back!
Easy to reset to perform again and again.

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Dimensions 8.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 in