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Easy Money DVD by John Lovick and Patrick Page


The dream is universal: making money from nothing. Once you’ve learned Patrick Page’s classic trick Easy Money that dream will come true! 

Holding five blank pieces of paper the magician folds them in half. Unfolding them each slip instantly transforms into a genuine spendable $100 bill! Just as easily the dream slips away. With another fold and wave of the hand the bills become blank again. 

Through spectators will credit the magician with deft finger-flinging or adroit sleight-of-hand Easy Money isn’t difficult to perform. It requires a minimum of study and practice to master. Better still after the necessary preparation is made the trick can be carried in your pocket or wallet and performed at a moments notice. 

Every detail of Patrick Page’s original effect is taught on this broadcast-quality DVD by John Lovick acclaimed performer author and teacher of magic. Over the shoulder camera angles make understanding the trick easy. 

As a bonus Lovick teaches variant handlings of the effect and his personal handling of the Slow Motion Bill Transposition – a sleightless transposition of a $1 and $5 bill that happens in the spectator’s hands. 

An ideal trick for strolling performers!

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