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Envylope 2.0 by Brandon David & Chris Turchi




A small white envelope is examined by the audience. The envelope is then placed in the performer’s back pocket. A deck of cards is brought out. One card is signed and then lost in the deck. The deck then visually transforms into a small white envelope, and inside the envelope is the signed card. The deck is then discovered in the performer’s back pocket.

The visuals on this are truly stunning. The deck is shown to be in the magician’s hands nanoseconds before it transforms into the envelope. The signed card is actually found inside the envelope, and no funny moves are used when pulling the card out of the envelope. Envylope 2.0 is made from modern materials, making it easier to perform and more durable than ever. You are going to love not only how the incredible gimmick works but the James Bond feeling the gimmick gives you while you are using it to fry your spectators. The Envylope 2.0 gimmick can be added to any red bicycle deck of cards, and it comes ready to rock right out of the box. Shatter your audience’s reality with Envelyope 2.0 by Brandon David & Chris Turchi.

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