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Fan2C by R. Paul Wilson




Visually change a terrible poker hand into a royal flush. One of the most visual multiple-card change gimmicks is back and better than ever. Featured in the opening credits of the film Shade, and now with a new pre-made gimmick that contains extra secrets. You will look like a legend when you perform Fan2C by R Paul Wilson.

This stunningly visual effect allows you to show a terrible five-card poker hand. Then, in the blink of an eye, the cards become a Royal Flush. The cards can then be immediately handed out for examination. There are no moving parts, elastics, or strings to break. The gimmick is a thing of genius and has been carried in the wallets of pros for years.

The Fan2C gimmick comes pre-made and ready to go right out of the box. You just need a royal flush from your favorite standard-faced deck. The gimmick has also been updated, so you can use it with The Raven and other similar devices for a hands-off, almost ethereal change. R Paul Wilson delivers an in-depth tutorial where you will learn handlings for live performances, social media, and various options to make beautiful changes. The changes require almost no sleight of hand. Beginners will look like experts. Experts will look like legends. Make the changes of your wildest into a reality when you perform Fan2C by R Paul Wilson