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Flat Pack Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Jason Knowles


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Created by the genius behind “Double Take” Jason Knowles created Flat Pack to be a surrealistic visual opener and closer that gets you in and out of your set with flair.

Imagine showing your spectators a neatly folded tuck case pulled from your wallet. With one move the folded case expands from a crimped piece of cardboard to a fully functional box of playing cards. What’s even more impossible to comprehend is that all 52 playing cards are kept flawlessly inside!

Flat Pack turns the ordinary action of pulling out and putting away a deck of cards into an impossible moment. Clearly the box is folded into quarters. Clearly it couldn’t possibly fit a full deck of cards. And yet clearly it somehow does exactly that!

Finally when you’ve wow’d them with enough overly ambitious or extraordinarily triumphant enough card magic you simply take your cards place them back in the tuck fold it back up into your wallet and wait as your audience gasps and stares at your final miracle. It’s impossible for them to understand how those cards fit in that folded case. It’s even more impossible for them to forget that moment of magic that you’ve just created.

What you receive in your box of Flat Pack:



  • Fully made gimmick ready for you to use out of the box.
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  • Resets in seconds.
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  • Takes up little pocket space packs flat plays big!
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  • An hour of expert instruction taught by Jason Knowles.
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  • A unique method to turn ordinary moments into something truly unforgettable.
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  • The ability to master and bend space!
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Start strong end stronger. Play it big with Jason Knowles’ Flat Pack!

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