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FPS Coin Wallet Black (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Magic Firm


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“Brent’s new coin carrier is a lovely intersection of form and function. It’s NOT a coin purse which is fun and it also has a devious secret that will appeal to all coin workers. I love mine.”
Joshua Jay

When Brent Braun created the FPS Card to Wallet he wasn’t just trying to make a product. He was trying to solve a problem. How could he fit utility and versatility into a slim stylish package that he would want to carry every day?

The FPS Coin Wallet is no different. Brent didn’t just want another coin purse. He didn’t want a bulky old-fashioned bag with unnecessary hardware. He also didn’t want an item that only held coins and couldn’t perform other functions. He needed something that looked right at home next to his card wallet – slim stylish and practical but that also had extra features for a wealth of magical applications.

Brent teamed up with Ryan Plunkett and after months of effort they created the perfect everyday carry coin wallet. The FPS Coin Wallet holds up to five half dollar or four dollar size coins. The sleek modern design compliments the award winning FPS Card to Wallet and fits comfortably in your pocket.

But it also contains a secret weapon… a unique hidden gaff that allows you to easily quickly and invisibly sneak coins and other small objects into and out of the wallet.

This means you can have your coins examined and then effortlessly add coins or gimmicks – or switch coins invisibly.

The FPS Coin Wallet can also be used to vanish or produce many small objects. The unique backpack hold out gives you invisible access to an additional coin or gaff right under your spectator’s nose.

When you buy the FPS Coin Wallet you also get full video instruction from Brent. He tips his hand not only on his favorite coin effects using the FPS but effects with Sharpies toys and more.

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