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GRAVITY REEL by Joao Miranda with FREE BONUS


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You will learn over 20 EFFECTS AND TIPS in 4+ HOURS of detailed instruction.


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This is a pre-order – these will be in stock on April 15th 2021


This utility and design patent-pending reel was designed from the ground-up by Joao Miranda and his extraordinary team in Portugal with the consultation of IT expert Tom Wright (who has performed invisible thread magic for over 15 years in real world situations).

Here are some of the main features of the Gravity Reel:

1) Double motor system which allows the performer to have a giant HOOP of IT anytime allowing for true miracles to be performed. If you prefer to use a single thread instead of the hoop system the fact that you have a SECOND thread ready to use is reassuring! (With exclusive permission from Surya Kumar and James George).

2) Program saving and play: you can record and save UP to 3 different programs so the Gravity Reel does all the work for you!

– With a push of a button the motors reproduce every single movement you recorded.

– Combining the record and play with the HOOP system you can create many amazing and unique effects: imagine for example making a water bottle fall at your command and then have the thread automatically retract to your pocket!

– You start and end clean every time with absolutely nothing to be discovered.

3) Vibration feedback recording: in addition to programming the tension and movement of the motors you can ALSO program the vibrations so that you can cue yourself at any part of your routine!

– For example at the end of a routine if you want to make a bill levitate jump in a glass and then fly automatically to your waiting hand –you can do so easily. Thanks to the vibration recording you can buzz yourself at each moment (when the bill starts to jump in the glass and another vibration when it flies to your hand) allowing you to concentrate on your presentation.

– The vibration feedback is CRUCIAL for any pre-recorded performance because YOU know when YOUR actions will happen right BEFORE they happen.

4) Adjustable Speed control: you can decide the speed of each motor individually.

5) Fast and easy thread refill: with Joao’s unique method refilling a spool takes under a minute and no difficult to do knots are used to replace a broken thread.

6) The Gravity Reel has two built-in magnets so you can attach it anywhere.

7) 90% less breakage than the traditional invisible thread reels thanks to the way the reel is designed.

8) Internal Memory Module: you can record and play up to 3 different programs. This way you do NOT need erase one program each time you wish to perform a different routine. Also once you save the program you can leave the remote at home since the reel has an internal memory. This means that you can play any program by simply pushing a button in the side of the reel.


9) VIR technology: if you have other creations from João Miranda you know how important this feature is for the working professional.
VIR stands for “Vibrations in Remote” which means that your gravity controller AND reel vibrate once you start a program when a program finishes playing or even when you push ANY button during a recording. This way you KNOW that the buttons were in fact pressed and the action will occur.

10) Rechargeable batteries: Both the controller and Gravity Reel have internal batteries that last for dozens of performances before they need to be charged again. There is a “Low Battery” indicator in both the controller and Reel so you always know when it’s time to charge.

11) Master instruction: Besides the above features Joao Miranda joined forces with the IT genius Tom Wright who will teach you easy intermediate and advanced effects with the Gravity Reel so you can start slowly and progress at your own rhythm until you become the next IT master.

With Gravity Reel you will receive:
1. Dual Motor Reel + Remote control
2. 49 FT (15 meters) of pre-stripped Gravity Thread to get you started.
3. Two empty white spools (+ two for FREE so in reality you get FOUR spools).
4. Spooling KIT so that you fill your spools with thread easily under a minute.
5. Gravity Tack sample
6. USB charging connector
7. Warranty code (that also gives you access to Tom Wright personal e-mail so you can ask questions if you need help with your routines).

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