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Imaginary Hole by Chiam Yu Sheng


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The magician uses a permanent marker to draw a large black dot on the back of a playing card. That playing card is held at the fingertips and with just a rub the black dot transforms into a real hole. The permanent marker is shown to be able to pass through this giant hole. The magician then gives the large hole a rub and it transforms into a smaller but no less real hole. One more magical gesture and the hole vanishes completely.

Imaginary Hole is a killer opening effect for any card magician. The gimmick comes made in red Bicycle Rider Back so it can be added to the deck of cards you already use. The gimmick is completely self-contained and there are no arts and crafts required. It’s ready to go right out of the box. In addition to the gimmick you receive an instructional video that will teach you to perform additional handlings of Imaginary Hole in any environment; no black shirt required. Imaginary Hole is super easy to do with the gimmick doing nearly all of the work. Transform just a bit of ink into huge reactions with Imaginary Hole by Chiam Yu Sheng.

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