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Inverto by Liam Levanon




Invert space and FREEZE time in this reality-warping effect that leaves your audience with a permanently warped souvenir. Invert the face of a playing card and the written name of a spectator without mirrors or moving parts. Flip the script when you perform Inverto by Liam Levanon.

Here’s what happens:

An audience member’s name is written on a playing card, and they hold it up so they can take a photo of the moment for posterity. To add a little fun to the photo, the magician shows off some filters from a popular photo app. The most useful one is the inverted filter so that when you take a selfie, everything shows up correctly. Then, when the magician forgets to turn off the inversion filter, the camera app affects reality. The ink on the playing card has inverted. Not only are the indices on the card now printed backward, but the spectator’s name is also written backward on the card and can be given away as an impossible souvenir.

Inverto comes with specially printed cards that make this incredible effect possible and a custom phone application, so you never have to worry if your favorite social media service removes or makes its inverted filter hard to find. The effect is easy to do and blends modern technology into classic methods for a truly memorable effect. The app doesn’t need to be on your phone because the real magic is in the cards! That means you can borrow someone else’s phone if they have Instagram or Snapchat and perform this miracle with a borrowed device. If you’re looking for an offbeat card trick that turns reality inside out, then you need to flip out your audiences with Inverto by Liam Levanon.