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Jerry’s Nuggets YELLOW!!


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Yellow often represents happiness courage self-confidence and creativity.

To celebrate Jerry’s Nugget’s 50th anniversary Jerry’s Nuggets are have captured these characteristics in Vintage Feel Jerry’s Nuggets (YELLOW) Playing Cards.

The LIMITED Vintage Feel paper the traditional cut and the exclusive JN FINISH will make you swear it is one of the original decks.

Perfect for magicians cardists and collectors the classic Jerry Nugget design contrasts perfectly against the energetic YELLOW back design.

They are smooth yet snappy…once in your hands you will NOT be able to put them down.

Jamming with friends showing off a collection or performing a new move; Vintage Feel Jerry’s Nuggets (YELLOW) Playing Cards are bound to be part of your next creative endeavor.

The collaboration with Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) and Jerry’s Nugget Las Vegas; Murphy’s Magic is excited to release the Vintage Feel Jerry’s Nuggets (YELLOW) Playing Cards.

The world’s most iconic deck of cards ever to be created. Now Jerry’s Nuggets Playing Cards are your EVERYDAY cards!




  • Authentic Jerry’s are now available to EVERYONE
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  • Traditionally cut
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  • Original Back and Face design including the original Jokers and Ace of Spades
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  • Printed and crushed on USPCC’s WEB press for outstanding handling
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  • Priced low so that Jerry’s can be your everyday carry
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