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Lettered Out by DiFatta Magic


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This is GREAT SUPER visual and REALLY easy to do!!


Comes with 2 gimmicks!!


The magician has a card chosen and returns it to the deck. Then he opens a card holder that has always been in sight on the table and shows the prediction contained inside. The audience will see a playing card with various jumbled up letters on it with no order. The magician asks for the name of the chosen card shakes the card he is holding and the letters visually position themselves so as to form the word “You have chosen the two of hearts”!


Simply fantastic!


• Simple to perform very visual and without strings or elastic.
• In addition to the card holder two gimmick cards (original Bicycle poker size) are provided one already personalized and the other that you can customize yourself (according to your routine) thanks to the adhesive letters included in the package.
• In the instructions you will find two methods basic and advanced to perform.. The advanced method will allow you to hand the prediction card out at the end.

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