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Letters From Juan Volume 4 by Juan Tamariz




Juan Tamariz is regarded by many to be the world’s greatest living magician. Tamariz is not only a superstar to the Spanish public, but one of the world’s foremost experts on magic theory & methodology, as well as a prolific author. The legend himself now writes to YOU.

After fifty years of performing and traveling Tamariz now sits down to write letters to you, his dear friend, with a focus on close-up magic as well as new stories. Rather than approach these effects in the style of a traditional magic book, Juan is presenting them in the context of a letter, written to only his closest magical friends.

These are letters of love and magic. Not only will you learn the methods for several card effects that have never before been published, you’ll also get Juan’s notes & tips for presentations, as well as variations and plot history.

Translated from Spanish by Rafael Benatar.

Contents of Volume 4 include:

-Letter from Juan

-A Can of Paint: A hilarious routine with imaginary paint and a beautiful multiple-color change sequence. This is one of the most engaging surprise productions of a four-of-a-kind we have ever seen!

-New Call to the Colors: The cards precisely arrange themselves by color. First, they alternate, then they separate by twos, threes, and groups of ten. The cards are shuffled and the deck finally separates red from black!

-Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: A musical stage act with a single deck of cards. This amazing piece of magic is a complete show stopper combining music, dance, comedy, and an old-fashioned barn raising!

-The Three Stooges: Juan shows you how to demonstrate your cheating skills with a little help from the audience.

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