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Mind Power Deck by John Kennedy




Spread a deck of cards face up on the table and ask a spectator to look at any card. No one else could possibly know the card because he never touches or names it. You concentrate then slowly but surely “read his mind” and name the card!


You can repeat it immediately and it will become even more baffling. In fact even if several people simultaneously look at different cards you can read each person’s mind and name his card correctly every time! John Kennedy’s Mind Power Deck is so eerie so impossible your audience will be convinced that you possess a sixth sense.
Why is it so good? John Kennedy collaborated with master magician and mentalist Tim Conover to create the ultimate mind reading deck. It can be shown as a normal deck of fifty two cards and even be handled by a spectator without them noticing anything unusual. Yet you’ll be able to “read their minds” correctly every time. And there’s no system to memorize because the deck does the work for you. You’ll absolutely love this trick!


Made in red-backed Bicycle playing cards.

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