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Miracle Dowsing Rods by Tenyo Magic


Imagine aiming this device at a row of envelopes one of which contains a coin inserted by a spectator. It will find the envelope that contains the coin! 


Or – imagine aiming it at packets of cards and it will respond to the packet holding the selected card. Then separate all the cards in that packet and it responds to ONE card – the selected card! 


This intriguing magic trick revolves around the mysterious theme of dowsing rods. Using two L-shaped metal rods you will be able to locate a hidden coin and a selected card. 


Dowsing is an ancient divination method that attempts to locate hidden ground water and buried metallic ore. Practitioners of dowsing hold two L-shaped metal rods in their hands gripping the short ends. The rods remain parallel to each other as the dowser walks around. When the dowser reaches an area where metallic ore is located the two rods respond by moving in a mysterious way. This trick imitates this uncanny phenomenon in a visual and fun demonstration.

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