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One Question (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Ollie Mealing – Trick




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Works with any deck of cards


Ollie Mealing and Vanishing Inc. present a delightful new effect that’s as fun to perform as it is for the audience to watch.

One Question” is a unique blend of card magic and mentalism that offers an engaging plot and unforgettable visuals inspired by classic party games like “Heads Up” and “Twenty Questions”.

It begins with you placing a sticky note on your spectator’s head. Once they confirm it’s impossible to see what’s written on it they freely think of their own playing card and secretly write it down on a sticky note. This sticky note is then stuck to your forehead before you try to uncover what they wrote.

Unlike the previously mentioned games though you don’t get multiple questions. Instead you’ll get just ONE QUESTION. As you’ll see in the full performance above this question is probably not what you’d expect. In fact this moment offers endless creative potential to tailor the effect to suit your performing style.

Despite the fact that there are NO FORCES and that you don’t even need to be in the room when they write the card you’ll be able to guess the correct card 100% of the time. “One Question” is VERY EASY TO PERFORM and the special gimmick comes ready to use out of the box.

Each set comes with a red Bicycle deck which has the gimmick already installed. You also get a BONUS GIMMICK to use on any of your favorite decks of cards as well as a mini Post-It pad so that you can start performing “One Question” right away.

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