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POW (Perfect Oil & Water) by Erik Casey




“I saw this numerous times in Vegas and it is GREAT and EASY!” -Brent Geris

Three blue cards with black faces and three red cards with red faces are shown to the audience. These are openly placed into a glass in alternating red-black order. A magical gesture is made, and then the cards are spread to show the red and black cards have perfectly separated.

POW is the perfect Oil and Water effect. The gimmicked cards come ready to go right out of the box. You also receive instructions on how to do a great in-the-hands routine that doesn’t need a glass. In addition, you will be taught the version that Jeki Yoo performed on Instagram and went mega-viral. This version allows you to show the faces and the backs of the card completely openly before and after the color separation occurs. POW is ridiculously easy to do. If you can spread a handful of cards, you can do this trick. Smack your audiences with an incredible miracle when you perform POW, Perfect Oil & Water by Erik Casey & John Michael Hinton.

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