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Profile) by Nikolas Mavresis & David Jonathan




This is VERY CLEAN!  I love it – Brent Geris

A hands off stunner that packs a surprise twist so good you will hear their jaws hit the floor!

PROFILE is an incredibly fun and engaging personality test effect that happens to use a pack of cards.

Four questions are asked to the spectator, who deals their responses to arrive at a random card. A prediction is read and things take a hilarious and stunning twist towards the amazing surprise climax!

Key points:

  • Super easy to do – no sleights, no memory work
  • Can be performed completely hands off – you never touch the cards
  • Uses an ungimmicked, regular pack of cards
  • Quickly resets, or use the same deck to go into any other effect
  • All answers can spell in different amounts of letters
  • 3 amazing versions are taught – each with their own unique kicker endings
  • Compatible with English, Spanish, Dutch & French languages

Comes with custom designed props, access to a 30+ page PDF and over 1.5 hours of video instructions.

PROFILE is as fun as it is fooling and it may just become your new favorite go-to effect!

“Such a clean and direct effect but for me, the subtle gimmick is the icing on the cake.”
– Angelo Carbone

“I love getting fooled with an old plot, which David & Nikolas have breathed new life into. It’s such a fun effect – I really love this and am excited to perform it.”
– Ryan Schlutz

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