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Quantum Deck by Craig Petty



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The ICONIC Card At Any Number – revolutionized

A once in a generation giant leap forward in Card At Any Number methodology by Craig Petty




  • One double blank deck. One singular playing card lost within.
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  • A number is freely named.
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  • The magician slowly deals down.
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  • The playing card is exactly at that position.
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  • Everything is examinable.
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Here’s how it works… A SINGLE PREDICTED card (yes it can be signed by the spectator) really is in multiple locations at entirely the same time. It’s at position 10 as much as position 20 or 25 or 31… you get the idea. It’s only when the spectator freely names a number that the card is now committed to a single position. This is not just what your spectator’s are told it really is what is happening.

The most staggering element to all of this; The Quantum Deck is practical. It’s a 10/10 solid worker.

Absolutely perfect for table hopping wedding style gigs. Brilliant for casual social performances and identical when performed online. And as you’ll see in the performances plays huge on stage!


Deck is a real double blank deck.
There really is ONLY ONE signed card inside.
Any number can be FREELY named.
Your spectator can really examine the deck.
Instant reset.
Easy to do.
NO difficult math.
Black Label certified.

What you’ve just read is not the “dream CAAN” that we all wish we could perform; those are the bullet point facts of what the Quantum Deck is and DOES.


Ok this is not real magic but it is as close as you can get.

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