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Semi-Automatic Card Tricks – VOLUME 11




230 pages, 260 illustrations, 3 one-man chapters (Ramón Riobóo, Giancarlo Scalia, & Vic Trabucco), and over 100 effects!

Click on images to see the detailed table of contents.

Beginning with the first volume in 1993, the Semi-Automatic Card Tricks series has become the brand and the source for low-sleight, high-impact card tricks. With over 1000 effects in eleven volumes, this is the largest collection of state-of-the-art tools and secrets available to magicians today.

Semi-automatic card tricks are designed from the ground up to kick the brain’s ass. These professional-caliber effects are used by magicians around the world to disarm even the most astute audiences. The many contributors and practitioners of these effects comprise a Who’s Who in card magic today.

In addition to the new tricks and principles, there are tips, hooks, and presentations to enhance the performance. You can literally take our words for it.  With the publication of Volume XI and this silver-anniversary collection, we finally have an answer to the age-old question, “What would Robert-Houdin have read?”



Unlike Mr. Beam himself, this book is filled with wonderful principles and something you’ll enjoy having by your bedside.” – David Regal, Constantly Fooling

“When a guy only contacts you once every few years to get a blurb for the back of his new book and never sends you a complimentary copy, this is the kind of blurb you can expect to get in response.” – Michael Weber, Tall Magician

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