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SMOKERS Book by Steve Beam




From Steve Beam is the first since he completed the popular Semi-Automatic Card Tricks series.

The 184-page hardcover is all about the often overlooked 14/15 Principle.  It explains the principle, explores the history, and details the major milestones in the use of the principle. It then moves from the past to focus on the future with new effects, subtleties, tangents, and stacks. This is not just a magic book.  It’s a textbook on a powerful principle and a roadmap showing you where and how to use it. It pushes the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. This is the one-stop reference book on the principle but it’s also a fun read. And, a principle or a stack, without good effects to exploit it, is like having great ingredients but no recipe.

And while the 14/15 Principle typically uses a stack, you can get there in 5 to 15 seconds from new-deck order, all in front of the audience.  If that doesn’t make your dangly bits stand up and take notice, maybe you should try coin magic.

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